The aim of the ambassador programme is to build a network of volunteers who are in it for the long haul to fight against pollution and who are taking concrete action to this end. 

Conveying a common message, 10wastechallenge ambassadors make sure they share their endeavours with the widest possible audience, in turn encouraging others to take action.


Participating Countries

Nick Cumings

South Africa

" I think that your initiative in encouraging a solution that is both realistic and convenient for people to engage in is great ! We all can make the time to spend 10 minutes in making a difference. In South Africa we face a sad fact that our government hasn’t taken a firmer sanction to those who litter and dump trash on empty landsites. Holistically I think that the world should take a united stand in banning all #singleuseplastic and encourage recycling incentives for the public to join in on. During the floods recently in Durban we have seen how much pollution gets pushed down into the ocean from rivers and irrigation pathways, which is frightening. It should be cool to pick up litter for the good of the world, that should be society’s concern right now."


10wastechallenge® is more than a challenge; it's a way of life.

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